What comes after Hotel Parties for the Futurebirds?

The concept of Futurebirds was born and developed in Athens, GA. Still considering it the band’s “hometown”, they often lend credit to the music town for cultivating them in the earlier years. However, perhaps this band should be calling the road their home. Commitment to being on the road to play live music seems to be a domineering theme in the life of a Futurebird. With two years between the release of the last full-length (Baba Yaga) and the release of their new album in September (Hotel Parties), the band was on the road constantly; steadily building their fan base.

All this time spent in a van might have had a play in the theme of Hotel Parties, an album very much about the pitfalls and perks of a life on the road. Though it mocks much of the surrealism that often accompanies commercial success, it’s hard not to recognize some drawbacks of a life as a professional musician.

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